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Annapolis Junction, MD · Information Technology
Our client is looking for a cleared (TS/SCI, FSP) SPSS SME to perform a migration to CP4D.

Candidate will not be installing CP4D, just handling the configuration of SPSS and migration.

This is an ON SITE position in Annapolis Junction, MD for 8 weeks.

Scope: SPSS Modernization to Cloud Pak for Data
  • SPSS modernization and migration planning
  • Perform an environment assessment for SPSS C&DS (Collaboration and Deployment services)
  1. Job creation and stream automation
    1. Connecting to streams
    2. Storing streams
    3. Retrieving streams
  2. Assess version control.
  3. Review the supported data sources in CP4D
    1. Determine requirements for CP4D internal and external data sources
    2. Assess feasibility of using Cloud Object Storage (COS)
  4. Assess deployment options
  • a. Default or SPSS runtime vs Spark execution
  • b. Modeler Flow runtime
  1. Review SPSS job candidates for deployment
    1. Identify and select three (3) Modeler Flows with simple, medium complexity and complex characteristics
    2. Stream Migration
      1. Assess streams input connections and data streams
      2. Watson Studio project integration and deployment
      3. Model flow Runtime configuration
  2. Collaborate with MPO to perform unit and integration testing
    1. Remediate any migration or deployment irregularities
  3. Assist MPO with a transition to self-reliance
  1. Provide information sharing on standard practices
  2. Prepare a migration and deployment guidebook

Completion Criteria:
This activity will be complete when client demonstrates SPSS successfully working in the Cloud Instance with appropriate jobs migrated as intended from the source environment.
· SPSS to CP4D Migration Summary
· SPSS to Watson Studio Procedure Guidebook

Requires Covid-19 vaccination for employment.



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