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Solaris OS Engineer

West Milford, NJ
Our client is looking for a Solaris OS Engineer to assist them with a migration from their Solaris 10 boxes to Solaris 11. This is an estimated project of 4 plus months.

Required Skills:
  • Extensive knowledge on OS Administration for Solaris 10 and 11 (including virtualization technologies)
  • Experience with Solaris Containers, Zones and Virtualization technologies Design, Build and Administration of Solaris Environment
  • End-to-End Datacenter transformation of UNIX
  • Detailed experience of configuring and supporting Solaris Clusters Preferred
  • Detailed exposure to datacenter Networking experience
  • Experience with designing/implementing Solaris Server Migration solutions
  • Administrations of sun servers like M-series & T-series Servers
  • Administering VERITAS Cluster servers and troubleshooting issues
  • Installation, configuration & upgradation of Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Cluster with a view to meet the high availability requirements of various businesses
  • Managing/Creating Solaris OS file systems in SVM (Using 2 way mirroring) or ZFS (using ZPool)
  • Upgrading Solaris 11 by configuring SRU
  • Monitoring the Memory, CPU utilization, Process monitoring, System Performance and Network Status to determine the server health
  • Installing Solaris O/S on standalone & servers
  • Managing the File Systems Patch & Packages Management Planning & Installation (Patch Cluster)
  • Experience in managing Solaris OS as hosted platform for Oracle Databases


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