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Mainframe z/OS Systems Programmer

Remote, remote

(Required Skill Level for ALL SKILLS):

Mainframe z/OS Systems Programmer. 

  • Independently install, upgrade and maintain z/OS and ISV software.
  • Strong SMPE and MVS system programmer skills required. 
  • Independently apply corrective services to z/OS and ISV software as required, including patches, security compliance, APAR and RCP management. 
  • Independently support the OS and its subsystems, compilers, programming languages, ISV products, operational tools and provide support for Customer testing.
  • Support problem determination involving z/OS and related software. Manage day to day MVS system admin requests (Security, Health-Checking Utilities, etc.).
  • Independently execute MVS system level and ISV software product recoveries.
  • The specific products supported are: IBM (Tivoli Advanced Catalog Management, DEBUG for Z) Innovation Data

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