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iOS Engineer

New York, NY
We are looking for an iOS Engineer skilled in creating the core UI on iOS and connecting the various moving parts, while adhering to standard best practices for the iOS platform. Depending on experience and timeline, may also help port existing technologies (e.g., dependencies).
The iOS Engineer will be responsible for the general architecture of the iOS application, ensuring reasonable parity with its Android counterpart.
  • Port UI elements from Android to iOS
  • Port native libraries C/C++ to iOS
  • Application Design & value engineering critique and proposal
    • Identify parts from Android App to determine what needs to be brought over
  • Payment processing
  • Launching the App on the Apple store
  • Primary Skillset
    • iOS and XCode
    • Swift and ideally some Obj-C
    • C/C++ experience
  • Secondary Skillset
    • ARKit, Depth API
    • Familiarity with Android development
    • Experience with porting Android apps to iOS
    • CMake
    • Experience with iOS Camera API
    • Knowledge of open source libraries
    • Experience outside of the Apple ecosystem
  • Full time position focused on the creation of the app
  • Currently remote, eventually working out of our NYC office
  • Must be a good communicator and available via slack, phone, and email while we are remote
  • Comprehensive health benefits

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