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Software Engineer (all levels)

New York, NY
This role has an emphasis on clean software development, algorithm design, as well as the development of scalable high-throughput systems. Our client has created a collaborative culture here that encourages cross-team communication. We regularly host internal technical lectures that include topics such as programming patterns, performance analysis, functional programming, and networking, as well as blockchain fundamentals.

Our software engineers focus on one or more of the following areas:
  • Core blockchain software (Go, C++)
  • Core APIs and database integrations (Go)
  • Network reliability and Automation (Go, JS, Python, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • System performance and scalability analysis (Go, R, Grafana, etc.)
Relevant Skills and Experience:
  • Well versed in either Go, C++, or a comparable compiled programming language
  • Comfortable with a scripting language such as JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Proficient at dealing with large data sets, preferably experience with Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or DB2
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud infrastructure
  • Strong communication skills and a collaborative team member
  • Familiar with best practices for Agile and Test Driven Development
  • Knowledge of Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains a plus
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