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Telecom Lead

Franklin Lakes, NJ
Technology lead, serving as SPOC for outsourced Avaya Voice, Cisco Voice, and TEM teams. Support all escalations within Voice and TEM tower. Large Enterprise environment.
Responsibilities include:
  • SPOC for outsourced Avaya Voice and Cisco Voice environment, including softphones 
  • Responsible for the standards, strategy, design and P1/P2 support of the global voice network as relates to telephony, circuitry, and voice system upgrades/deployment. 
  • Systems supported include Avaya Communication Manager (CM) and Cisco Voice (Call Manager) solutions, and various adjunct solutions. 
  • Lifecycle management for voice solutions; review designs/SOWs offered by providers prior to implementation.
  • High level design and low-level design review, ensure adherence to best practices and standards 
  • Identify savings opportunities. Support One-X Communicator, One-X Attendant and One-X Agent as needed, Call Center Support. 
  • Project Support as needed – attend project meetings to offer guidance/ strategic decisions as requested, including support two separate large-scale migrations to new data centers by coordinating new circuit installs, DID ports, equipment move; communication to PMO; test/turnup events; etc.  
  • Divestiture and Acquisition support; managing Resporg, ToL, Disconnect, Asset Management, and invoicing events. 
  • Develop and maintain vendor relationships, including telecom carriers, support providers, wiring contractors, and Avaya Business Partners. 
  • Obtain maintenance for Avaya equipment 
  • Support the larger team on invoicing issues, PO acquisition, Etc.  CDR (Call Details) solutions are supported by voice team, paging solutions are supported up to the paging interface handoff.
Telecom Expense Management - TEM:
  • Responsible for oversight of outsourced TEM team and TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution, including planning, implementation, and on-going TEM related activities. 
  • Review ISR reports and ensure that recommendations within are being considered; identify and act upon savings opportunities
  • Review/Approve Mobility recommendations for Rate Plan Optimizations, as recommended by Tangoe auditors. 
  • We have 5 days to reply on a recommendation, otherwise the savings are forfeited for the month and can be picked up on the following optimization
Additional Responsibilities as needed:
  • Investigate new accounts for AP FI table over limit email research
  • Assist as needed with AP/HCL/Tangoe operational issues and ‘project’ support All Wireline actions related to divestitures (Resporg/TOS for Vyaire/Thermofisher). 
  • BD involvement required to sign forms to transfer our services to a new owner, but added work is the investigation into accounts and ‘finding’ the inventory to give to the divested party since the inventory was not completed. 
  • Review with US carriers to ensure that the services don’t hit our accounts post divestiture.
  • Investigation into billing accounts for outage situations where the carrier needs to be contacted but the carrier is unknown. 
  • Review all accounts and identify where the broken line is and contact carrier and have the last billed amount.
  • Toll Free Service and Circuit orders – ensuring they end up on the correct account. 
  • Thrifty Account remediation Circuit Disconnects and following up to ensure that they are removed from accounts.
  • Open/Close/Consolidate ATT Conferencing accounts.  Escalations/tickets related to allocations
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