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Angular Developer

Park Ridge, New Jersery
Angular Developer 

We need a hands-on Angular developer that has some experience /initiative in pair programming, test driven development and unit testing.
A can-do attitude to tackle complicated Angular application is essential
- deep experience in Angular 6+ development is required, Angular 7 is preferred
- deep experience in RxJS Observable is required
- experience with ngrx/store to manage application state is preferred
- experience in NgModule to manage modules and packages
- knowledge of mechanisms for components to communicate with siblings and parents
- experience in Angular testing using Jasmine mocks and spies
- experience in writing e2e tests using Protractor is preferred
- deep knowledge and experience in typescript and generics is required
- experience in RxJS and various Observable operators, with switchMap and flagMap
- experience in GIT branching and pull-request workflow is essential
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