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Squad Lead

Dallas, Texas
Position Description
The primary role of a Squad Lead is to enable a squad to deliver with Garage Method.  A squad is a small independent, co-located team who deliver business outcomes.  The Squad Lead acts as an anchor developer and agile coach for the squad. Since they are part of a squad day-to-day, their work is primarily on-site with the squad, Mondays through Fridays, in Dallas, Texas. There is a slight chance that some travel outside Dallas will be needed, however none is expected at this time. The duration of the engagement is six months, with a possibility for more time than that depending on client demand.

Skills Required 
-Full stack developer with practical backend experience with Java/Spring Boot, API Management and javascript frontend frameworks such as Angular). Java depth is critical.
-Experience developing cloud-native applications that have gone to production, with site reliability engineering and CI/CD DevOps automation.   Experience refactoring legacy middleware applications into cloud-native microservices is preferred.
-Hands-on experience with Test Driven Development (TDD)
-Ability to mentor and teach a squad comprised of developers and product owners how to build a cloud-native product with the IBM Cloud Garage Method (Design-driven eXtreme Programming).
-Experience with keeping teams and the client’s management focused on learning and applying IBM Cloud Garage Method (XP Agile) and not slipping back to waterfall methods

If a candidate is strong enough technically and from a leadership standpoint but lacks some of the Garage knowledge, we will be able to conduct a short crash course session to get them up to speed from a Garage standpoint if they qualify from our internal interviewing.
Any candidate put forward for consideration must first interview with our Garage team in the form of a phone interview, then a pairing interview and if they pass, they would then need to phone interview and pair program interview with the respective client group.

Len Gnade
Head Finder of Needles in Haystacks
Resouce1 ~ A Micro Strategies Company
1160 Parsippany Blvd.
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Office: (973) 957-6416
​Email: lxg@carnegieaffiliates.com
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